“My mother was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I knew I needed to take action not only for her, but for my family, too. I knew my family was now at risk of developing this horrible disease and that lifestyle plays a large role in controlling and preventing diabetes. I also knew that eating balanced meals and exercising play a large role in defeating this disease.

After intense research I was able to find and connect with Sharon. We had a nice phone conversation and the first question she asked me was, “Does your Mom want to be helped?” (at first she did not want help and thought she could battle this disease on her own). After some smooth convincing I was able to talk my mom into having Sharon come to my home and meet with her, myself, my sister, my two brothers, and their spouses. We made an afternoon of Sharon speaking to us about label reading, the importance of breakfast, selecting good nutritional balanced meals, and incorporating new foods in our daily diets. It was a great day of learning and enjoying family time all at the same time!

My mom is more aware of eating habits and is now a member of a local community center where she walks 3 days a week and takes a few exercise classes with her friends. She looks and feels better and has a better attitude towards her diabetes.

Sharon fit right in with my family and even received applause from my 11 month old nephew, Chase! I highly recommend Sharon on her awareness, knowledge and passion for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle!”

-Dawn M, Brooklyn Park

“I have recommended Sharon to many of my organizational clients who are looking to provide nutrition education.  Sharon is simply the best. She is up-to-date on the research, she is organized and prepared and most importantly, Sharon engages the audience to create a meaningful experience. This experience translates to insight and action which is so important in living a healthy lifestyle.”

-Tammy Gifft, president Carpe Diem Group

“In January my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Talk about a crash course in healthy eating! We have her diabetes under control with insulin but we have also made big changes in how and what our family eats. I just wanted you to know that participating in your Healthy Weight Class really gave me a great base for handling this major life change (also I’ve lost 10 lbs). Thank you so much!”

-Sheila G

“I want to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed the cooking class series. I’ve never really known how to take care of myself when it comes to preparing my meals and eating right, so this has really been an eye opening experience for me. I feel better both physically and mentally. I’ve already lost 5 pounds! Your advice, and the conversations we’ve had have truly helped me to change my life, and I want to know how grateful I am. I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work!”

-Larry P

“It was time. Several attempts before had failed, so I thought I could use a little help this time. Sharon’s program was uplifting, always positive, always about moving forward and not losing focus of your goal. The difference was a never ending stream of tips, tricks and recipes that really changed the way I approached dieting. I re-learned how to enjoy food , became more aware of what and why I ate and integrated exercise in my daily routine. There were also many little changes like reducing the size of my dinner plate, being more aware of measurements and watching out for “phantom” calories. I’ve lost 30 lbs. and I have more energy and greater confidence. Thanks Sharon for helping make it happen THIS TIME!”

-Evan R

“I’m not sure where to begin since I last saw you other than to say that you changed my life! I still can’t believe that it took you only a matter of minutes to figure out that I am gluten intolerant. That one thing turned my life around. All of the bad symptoms that I had been living with went away. I got my energy back, my headaches came with much less frequency, my stomach problems went away, I was no longer isolated in my house (and bathroom!) My hair stopped falling out and my skin felt great again. I began a new exercise program and got down to 134 lbs. I have seriously not had a piece of bread or pasta or a pastry of any kind since last January, NOT ONE PIECE!!! And what a difference it has made. I wish the weight had come off easier but I now know what it takes to accomplish that. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for me. I refer you all the time to all of my friends.”

-Kathyrn A

“Last year my doctor told me she would put me on a statin drug to lower my cholesterol if I couldn’t get it reduced within 3 months. I just had my cholesterol checked last week, and it is down 58 points from last year, and her comment was “wow – excellent improvement!” It still needs to come down more, and hopefully I will continue to reduce my numbers with continued walking and watching what I eat! I am so happy I made the commitment to join the class last October!”

-Barbara S

“My doctor wanted to prescribe a statin drug based on my increasing cholesterol scores. With Sharon’s coaching, I was able to lower my cholesterol by 33 points and my LDL by 23 with diet and exercise alone. Sharon has such a breadth of knowledge of nutrition and health as well as contagious enthusiasm for the positive results a healthy lifestyle can bring about. She taught me to move toward health by substituting healthy dishes that I genuinely enjoy, which made it so much easier to cut back on the less healthy foods I had been eating. What I like about Sharon’s approach is that she coaches you in a new enjoyable way to live your life, rather than a series of diets and exercise programs that rely on will-power. I’m really enjoying the way I eat and feel so much better. I highly recommend Sharon.”

-Jan H

“I have invited Sharon in to present on multiple occasions for our employee wellness program. Sharon’s nutrition seminars are always well attended and receive high praise from our employees. Sharon is very knowledgeable and professional. Her personal insights on where to find certain products and which brands to try, as well as the physical examples of foods and/or food packages incorporated into some seminars provide a “real world” perspective to build on the nutritional guidelines that are presented during the seminar. Even weeks after a seminar, I have had employees approach me in our kitchen/break room to show me what they are preparing for snack or lunch and tell me that they are eating those particular foods because of what they learned from Sharon. Sharon’s seminars and healthy cooking demonstrations are both highly recommended!”

-Holly Hinton
Human Resources Administrator
Walker Art Center

“Since our appointment things are going very well. I am eating MUCH better than I used to and now the exercise is becoming more regular too. I have committed to a 5K run in April and, get this, a half marathon in August. Now that’s a goal! I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and my blood pressure was way down! 100 over 70. Much better than 140 over 90! It made my day! You gave me the advice and the tools I needed. Now I’m motivated and feel like I’m back on track. I really appreciate everything you did! Thanks!”

-Jason A, Minneapolis

“My Company’s Employee Culture Committee engaged Sharon to design and lead a 9-week Weight Management Program for interested employees. The comprehensive, information-packed program filled to capacity. Sharon engaged all participates, no matter what their individual goals, by teaching the relationship between food, exercise, weight and health; how to make better decisions about what and how much to eat; and how to incorporate physical exercise into your life. Sharon not only made the information interesting and provided practical tips for achieving your goals, she created an atmosphere of relaxed fun, camaraderie and support amongst participants which resulted in a full turn out each week. The results were astounding – the combined inches lost by participants was 45″ and the total weight lost was 81 lbs! Participants continue to ask for a repeat performance!”

-Marilyn Cook
Employee Culture Committee Chair

“When our Fire Department started a wellness program as Fire Chief I felt obligated to attend what I assumed would be the first of a boring series of lectures on nutrition. That was before I had met Sharon Lehrman the presenter. After the first presentation I and others who attended found ourselves not bored but instead anxiously waiting to hear the next. Can you imagine we were even talking about nutrition the next day!”

-Luke StemmerFire Chief, St Louis Park Fire Department

“Thank you very much for your delicious cooking demonstration! All of the evaluations we received were very positive. People learned a lot and they loved the delicious lunch too. Your presentation was easy to follow and you answered questions completely. People only wish you could have spent the entire day teaching them! Thank you again and I hope to work with you in the future.”

-Kris B.

“As Medical Director of a medically supervised weight management clinic, I had the privilege of working with Sharon Lehrman for three years.

She was very knowledgeable, thorough in her work, well respected, and liked by both staff and clients. She has a unique capacity to grasp the needs of her clients. I can highly recommend Sharon to you without reservations.”

-C. John Baumgartner MD FACEMedical Director

“Newman Long Term Care invited Sharon Lehrman to speak at five of our client seminars where she gave a nutritional presentation following my presentation on long term care insurance. The theme of the seminar was ‘A recipe for a healthier, longer life.’ Sharon presented 10 healthy lifestyle goals that were easy to follow and adapt into our everyday routine. It allowed people to make small changes while positively influencing their long term health. Attendees were very interested in Sharon’s presentation and were eager to ask her questions upon the conclusion. Sharon was able to knowledgeably answer their questions and continue the dialog. Including Sharon in our seminar enhanced the overall experience and I would recommend her services.”

-Deb NewmanFounder, Newman Long Term Care, Minneapolis, MN

“I invited Sharon to lead a lunch and learn as part of my workplace’s Wellness Month. The session was well attended and she had such great information to provide to us through her Powerpoint presentation. People asked questions during the session and Sharon provided thoughtful and concise answers. We especially liked that she brought in boxes of food to show us what to look for when grocery shopping. Sharon is very knowledgeable about nutrition and I highly recommend her to other individuals and groups!”

-Dana S.Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Minneapolis

“Thank you for an excellent presentation (to our monthly study group of dental professionals)! There are definitely ways to incorporate nutrition into the progressive practice of dentistry. You have a wonderful, informed, and engaging presentation packed with helpful perspectives–just great! Thanks again, you were terrific!”

-Wendy Bach, DDS, PAMinneapolis, MN

“For the past year our law firm, Parsinen Kaplan Rosberg & Gotlieb P.A., has invited Sharon Lehrman to give quarterly lunchtime nutrition talks to our employees as part of our ongoing effort to promote wellness at the firm. Sharon has worked closely with us to develop a customized nutrition series covering topics that resonate with our attorneys and staff.”

“Sharon is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her workshops are consistently well-attended. Her information, well-planned lectures, combined with her high energy level and contagious enthusiasm, keep the group’s attention for the full hour. Sharon always provides interesting and useful handouts and visual aides. She effortlessly fields questions from the group and easily establishes rapport with people across all levels of the organization.”

“The attorneys and staff at PKR & G look forward to Sharon’s visits and always walk away with information that is relevant and directly applicable to their lives. Including Sharon as part of our firm’s custom wellness plan has significantly enhanced the program and I highly recommend her services.”

-Howard J. RubinManaging Partner, Parsinen Kaplan Rosberg & Gotlieb PA

“Just a quick note to thank you for your time and the information provided to our employees at the “Increase Your Energy and Zap the Stress” lunch and learns. Your approach, the information shared and of course your advice was an enlightenment to everyone. Your presentation was the topic around the water cooler for days following each of the lunch and learns. I hope to have you turn for follow-up sessions soon.”

-Bradley G. WicklundAdministrator, Lommen, Abdo, Cole, King & Stageberg, P.A.

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